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Maaaaaaan somebody said #QueensWay is about to be LITT!!! Shout out to ALL MY LOVELY LEO LADIES !!! I know y’all about to turn up!!!! | eet us at #QueensWay for the BEST HAPPY HOUR PARTY in the 757 & Beyond! #iPromoteMeetsCrowdControlTakenOverByMocheez | Ciroc on Happy Hour until 9 and we Party til Midnight!! Sounds By Me #MrCrowdControl, Powered By @dutchboyva | 1144 Big Bethel Rd Hampton MALES 25+ FEMALES 23+

I’ve been told a lot that I think to much … But what’s worse? Too much thought or too many mistakes? You one only live once, whichever direction u choose make sure you held the compass| Annnnnnd I’m up!! Good Morning Good People

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